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Cadburys Secret Santa



Company Background:

Mondelez is a leading food company in Ireland whom have been making chocolate in Ireland since 1932 when the 1st Cadbury factory opened in Dublin.


The Brief

Mondelez tasked The Printed Image with designing, producing and installing a Christmas Takeover in several stores around Ireland.


The Execution

Stage 1:

Firstly, our install team visited each store to create a recce and establish the measurements needed for artwork and print.

The install team spoke with each Store Manager on the different elements that would suit each store. The choices were Aisle Arches, Aisle Fins, Gondola Ends, Door Front Vinyls and Trolley Pops.

Our in-house Structural team used the measurements and images supplied by the install team to create keylines for each element.

Some stores could not facilitate all the elements because of space restrictions, so where possible the team came up with some solutions to overcome any obstacles, all the while keeping the costs down.

One store did not have a dedicated aisle to lay the Arches across, so the structural team created custom keylines for this store. They were then suspended from the ceiling.

When all the keylines were created they were sent to our in-house Design Studio who applied the artwork to the keylines. The Client received visuals of each element for their approval before going to print.


The Execution

Stage 2:

As soon as all artwork was approved our production team began to print and apply finishing to all the elements.

The Aisle Arches, Aisle Fins and Gondola Ends were printed full colour on recyclable foam PVC and die cut to shape from FSC approved material.

Some managers requested that the door front vinyls did not block the light in the store. The production team advised our Client to print the vinyls on contravision. Contravision is an adhesive vinyl. It has specially designed ‘honeycomb’ holes in it, the result being that when it is applied to a window it is ‘see through’ from the inside, but not from the outside.

When all the elements were ready our experienced installation team visited each store and installed all the approved graphics. The install team made sure all the elements were visible, safe and secure.


The Outcome

Our Client was delighted with the completed project. Their branding was clearly visible throughout all stores.

The Trolley Pops provided continuous advertisement to consumers as they shopped.

The bright, colourful signage was very eye-catching as consumers moved from aisle to aisle. This resulted in increased sales and new customers buying our Clients product.

The project incorporated our full Team – from Structural to Studio, across to Production and Install who rolled out the project seamlessly for our client.