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Southern Comfort


Southern Comfort

Company Background:

Founded in 1874 by M.W Heron, Southern Comfort has become one of the most Renowned Whiskeys in the world.

Represented by the rich history of New Orleans which is reflected in their smooth tasting whiskey.


The Brief

Our Client tasked The Printed Image team to create a ‘Gift Set’ to include two tumbler glasses and a 700ml bottle of Southern Comfort for an upcoming Christmas campaign to promote in the marketplace.


The Execution

Stage 1:

The first stage of this project began with our Structural Engineering team.

Their objective was to create a ‘Gift Set’ to hold two glasses and encompass a ‘Southern Comfort Whiskey Bottle’.

The packaging needed to be compact and have fixed internal fitment structures to keep the contents safe and secure inside.

Within our client’s brief one of our many key focuses was to ensure the ‘Gift Set’ fitted seamlessly within shop stores shelves.


The Execution

Stage 2:

Once our client was happy with the Structural design of the ‘Gift Set’ our Studio team created a ‘3D Virtual Print’ sample, before creating graphics.

From this presentation, our Client could see all aspects of the design and make any changes before printing samples.

The Studio team then moved on to creating artwork for design.

The vibrant reds and visuals of New Orleans present the whiskey in its rustic style.

Towards the reserve side of the packaging, our client added Whisky recipes to help customers create festive drinks with their kit.


The Outcome

A Southern Comfort Festive Christmas Gift Set was created, through warm colours, gift with purchase, and Customer-friendly Whiskey cocktail recipes to the back.

The final product used a matt laminated finish to achieve the premium look and feel the brand embodies.