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Best Drive


Best Drive

Company Background:

Formerly Advance Pitstop, now Best Drive by Continental, a leading expert in automotive maintenance in Ireland.


The Brief

Best Drive tasked The Printed image with designing, printing and installing a complete rebrand for their 29 outlets nationwide, with the install happening over one weekend.

The second element to this project was to create a bespoke creative exhibition stand to help launch the rebrand at The National Ploughing Championships 2019.


The Execution

Stage 1:

The first stage of the project began with our design studio devising new concepts, colourways and imagery to create a dynamic representation benefiting the company, reflecting the new brand identity and personality. The rebrand was a global decision by the organisation, an evolution of the brand.

The key element of the rebrand, was to facilitate the conversion of installing the new brand collateral throughout their 29 outlets nationwide, within one weekend.

One of the challenges we had to overcome was in several of the outlets the main signage, where the logo sits front and prominent, there were two. To overcome, we had to develop and devise a kit that would stay in place with an interchangeable skin, that allowed our installation team to change quickly and efficiently.

Our in-house install team were dispatched nationwide to complete this project.


The Execution

Stage 2:

The second stage to this project was to create an exhibition stand that Best Drive could use to launch their rebrand at The National Ploughing Championships 2019.

The National Ploughing Championships was chosen as an event to launch the rebrand, as many of their outlets in Ireland are rural in nature. This event allowed Best Drive to target their audience.
We designed their feature tent at The National Ploughing champions to replicate their outlets, to give potential customers a real look and feel of their newly rebranded outlets. The exhibition stand compromised of a large tent to carter for a spacious area, ensuring it could hold a sizeable capacity safely.

The Printed Image created our client’s stand with maximum visibility & presence. Our team designed, printed and branded all collateral in-house at our Dublin offices, which included; bunting, large posters, wall mountings along with car ramps & their outdoor AstroTurf map with our client’s logo design stencilled onto it. All elements were installed by our in-house install team.

One of the main attractions on-site at Best Drive’s stand, during the 3-day event, was a formula 1 simulator. The purpose of this was to encourage passers-by into the tent and the noise alone created a fantastic atmosphere over the course of the days.


The Outcome

A powerful and impactful rebrand, completed within one weekend which was a major operation completed by our in a time manor, efficiently and hassle free.

The launch at National Ploughing Championships was a huge success, drawing large crowds every day. Our client was delighted with the structure of their exhibition stand and all supporting collateral to help showcase their new identity. Our client is already looking to attend next year’s event replicating this design, in the meantime we are storing the stand & collateral on-site in our Dublin offices.