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LEN U23 European Swim Championships


Swim Ireland

Company Background:

The National Governing Body (NGB) for swimming, water polo, diving and artistic swimming across the 32 counties of the island of Ireland, recognised as such by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media through Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland. We are recognised at the world level by World Aquatics and at the European level by European Aquatics.


The Brief

Our client tasked The Printed Image team to brand and transform the National Aquatic Centre into a visually stunning arena which truly encapsulated the spirit of the LEN U23 European Championships.


The Execution

Stage 1:

Our account managers and a team of installers visited the National Aquatic Centre to review each area available for branding in the huge space available. From the front entrance to the pool itself, we wanted to transform this everyday swimming pool into an arena which would feature in Championships broadcast internationally.

Next, we worked on the pool area. We wanted to use eye-catching artwork pieces to give the space an international stadium feel. We used branded screens, wall vinyls, and floor vinyl applying vinyl to each glass panel in the auditorium featuring each swimming club’s branding. We designed the installation of the vinyl at the glass underneath the screen to showcase each country involved in the competition.


The Execution

Stage 2:

We started at the front entrance, the objective was to use suitable signage to separate the athlete’s and audience’s entrances. We used directional signage from the car park entrance, through the car park and to the front door to clearly show this, keeping in mind the most suitable material usage for the environment of each area.

Our largest challenge was to create a temporary wall between two pools. This was a challenge as we needed the wall to block off an entire area of the grounds to the audience’s eye. We needed to utilise a lot of material to completely cover the width and height of this area. The installation also needed to be slim, sturdy, and not pose any trip hazards. We also had to ensure the large arena space in its entirety was branded with the overall championship brand identity, this was challenging as it was such a large venue with multiple sizes for glass panels, floors, and walls.


The Outcome

Our team invested significant time and effort to overcome challenges and ensure our work matched the high standards of the athletes representing their own country and Swim Ireland. The project was a great success, earning us a finalist spot in the prestigious Irish Print Awards.